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Watching Ted Forbes „Art of Photography”

For a few years I have often watched Ted Forbes youtube channel “The Art of Phtorgaphy” and back when I started this channel was in a bit of a unique place: it really was about the art side of photography. Yes there certainly where tech-focussed videos on the channel: mostly on older analogue camera. But a lot of the content was about things like creative process, developing film (ok, that’s a tech-topic …), on past and present photographers and so on.

I like talking about cameras and lenses as much as the next person and also, I do understand some of the things behind making a living by creating these videos. On only needs to look at the public view-numbers to see that a video on some Sony, Nikon, Fuji or whatever camera gets a lot more views then a great and insightful video about, say mid-century portraiture (just making something up here really). This in and of itself is nobody’s fault particularly: it’s probably all our fault. I’m not sure about the solution right now but I sure hope there is one, because there are way more then enough tech channels, sites etc. out there and way to few about the things that really matter.

Hoping for the magic to return

So Ted, on the off chance you’re reading this: I miss the good old days. And yeah, I’m hoping you might bring some of that back sometime. After all that show (together with “On taking pictures”) is what brought me back into photography some years ago.