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Some first steps into printing

Recently I've gotten into printing photographs, starting out with a Durst F30 enlarger end currently considering an upgrade due to some smaller frustrations with my particular enlarger. For everybody who does film photography if you have the space to this I can only urge you in the strongest of terms to give the world of darkroom printing a try.

A few years ago I did some inkjet printing but actually working with an enlarger is really quite magical by comparison. There certainly is a significant learning curve to it, but the reward for taking this particular plunge is the experience of a fascinating photographic process. While there seems to be an almost endless depth of things to learn the good thing about all this is, that to get started you don't need a lot. Just an enlarger, a dark room, and bit of chemistry. Also you don't need to have a permantent darkroom, I'm moving my enlarger in and out of my bathroom to do this.