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Photographys obsession with Full Frame

This has been going on for a long time and I am certainly as guilty of it as the next person. In the end film and sensor formats are to a large extend arbitrary sizes, often chosen for practical reasons a century ago - reasons that may not be that up to date. Nevertheless the photography world has - quite some years ago - declared fullframe to be the gold standard for many things. I guess of course that a lot of this was (back then) meant to dacle that "now we can do digitally what we could do with film" by keeping up the same standards as with film. There are of course benefits to a larger sensor, like the aesthetics of a more shallow depth of the field, but those may well be answered by asking "why then not medium format?".

Even more so, a shallow depth of the field can be achieved reasonably well (unless you are photographing larger objects like cars etc) on APS-C cameras with lenses that have the required aperture. Do those lenses come at a cost? Yes, but so do fullframe sensors.

My own two cents

Personally what it comes down to for me is to go with APS-C as a nice sweetspot between portability, dof and the available systems for the chosen sensor-size. Would I really want to go beyond that I thing my choise would be mdium format as there really is a lot happening in that space right now with both Hasselblad and Fujifilm putting systems that are affordable (by medium format standards) and way more compact then in the past.