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Making Facebook be a website again

As it stand right now I am not actually ready to outright leave facebook yet. It has its uses for me, I know people that are on there and I am in a few groups I do not want to leave at this time. However I am also one of those people who are really taken aback by the things we hear concenring privacy issues with the company. I'm not going to say I'm surprised by these things because I am not in the least bit surprised. However even more then before it brings to mind a need to controll what data an company like Facebook can get access to.

As it turns out there is at least an intermediate step that is fairly easy to take - deleting their app from your phone. To my mind Facebook as a website is something way more controllable then as an app that's constantly running in the background. The app after all is able to access geolocation (If you've authorized it) in the background etc. Also the app is very well able to suck in your time since there are few things easier then tapping an icon on the screen of your phone to kill time - or loose time if you want.

So for that matter, this one app is gone from my phone for now.