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Less stuff, better things II

I was reminded of this post I had written on having less but better thinks since we just had the Christmas season and a lot of people obviously bought a lot of things. A lot of it will probably be used for a while (moste importantly it will be used whenever the person who gave the gift sees it) and then be discarded or simply forgotten in one corner. In stark contrast to my youth or earlier adulthood I am really happy about one special gift: not having gotten a lot of stuff. The most beautiful "thing" I think was my family investing money not in a gift but rather donating to have a while bunch of plastic removed from the ocean. A thing to keep in mind though: this value of less I think is something you will only fully see after having most basic needs fulfilled. As long as you are struggling for your rent or your food I think a more materialistic approach will come easier to people. Ironically it took me a phase of over-consumption to want less.