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Anxieties anyone?

There has been this thing about personal growth in any form of creative pursuit (but also life in general) on my mind lately aber moving out of my comfort zone. For the longest time mine had been to photography nature and landscape only. It was great: I didn't have to talk to people and I could be all by myself all the time. And while I love nature and beeing outside I still cannot help but thinking I did all this for all the wrong reasons. After all maybe I didn't do all this because I loved it so much but rather because of my anxieties towards doing something else?

Whenever I did do something else it was great fun and I enyoed it a lot. But that of course really didn't keep me from not trying to do more of it - I might have to get over my anxiety of getting others to collaborate in what I was doing after all. Of course I knew that there was not really anything probelmatic about it: just talk to people about taking some portraits. But then again: someone might say no, of course they can't if you never ask. So there you go, problem solved ...

Obviously this is not the kind of struggle that is resolved once you know about the problem you're having, but that may be a starting-point to get there. So in that spirit I am happy to say that I've taken a few portraits as of late and despite some starting-difficulties I feel like I am imroving and (most importantly) I have fun doing it. I also notice (and that's no surprise) that my issue really isn't the actual shoot but getting people to do them with. So I guess there is my task for the next months.